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FORM + Atelier talk 09

Susan Flavell and Eva Fernandez In December, for our last Brown Bag of the year we were very lucky to be joined by two very special guests, Susan Flavell and Eva Fernandez, two local and very inspiring artists. We can’t wait to have them at the Atelier a little bit more often! Susan spoke about the immediacy of her work showed us some of her incredible sculptures, the scale of the works is staggering, playful, intriguing and intimidating all at the same time. “My work deals mostly with animal and human forms, including the real, the hybrid, the fantastic, the monstrous and mythical. A large area of my practice uses materials that have a limited lifespan, such as cardboard. The cardboard works are like large three-dimensional drawings, you can see the lines of their construction, including the “mistakes” and the rubbing outs. I also cast in various metals, a more permanent alchemical transformation of one material into another. Recently I have been experimenting with casting cardboard forms into bronze. Developing the ‘presence’ of a work has always been important for me and is the reason that I focus on the 3D, as it occupies the same space as the viewer. I am interested in creating a sense of ‘agency’ or individual life for the object. Through the manipulation of the strips of cardboard and the adding of the realistic eyes, something changes that brings the materials alive, like Frankenstein’s monster. A combination of compressed energy, humour and sadness. Identity is impossible to embody, and this impossibility results in an inevitable comedy; but though identity may seem to be a matter of perception and representation, and therefore illusory, it can also be experienced intensely.” Eva is a local artist and photographer. She draws upon her unique background of being Spanish but … Continue reading

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FORM + Atelier Talk 08

Penny Forlano and Alex Fossilo At our last Brown Bag we were joined by FORM and Atelier friend and Curtin lecturer Penny Forlano and Atelier resident designer Alex Fossilo. Penny spoke to us on her current PHD studies and practice and began by giving us a little insight into where it all began. Penny initially worked on a project with her husband which involved designing a table made completely from carbon fibre which resulted in an Australian design award. Penny has also been collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia for her ‘Terrain’ occasional table. Currently Penny is researching how to make design interactive, personal and meaningful to one person resulting in a piece of art which they would never throw away or swap for something new due to the interlacing of individual meaning.  The concept for her quilt like wall shelving piece which we were very lucky to have in our gallery recently as part of the IDEA exhibition, is exploring the idea of the unwrapping of a family tree and the discovery of little quirks and stories not usually told and celebrating them in a way which will only be significant to that family and to that person. The result at this point is incredibly beautiful and intricate and we can’t see what further comes from this study. Alex also began by giving us a little insight into his background and how he came to Midland. After studying landscape architecture Alex worked down south initially surf board shaping and then for a furniture maker. Alex won an award at university for a chair he designed and made and with this he went to the Vitra Design School alongside the Campana brothers.  Through this experience Alex was very inspired by Milano Atelier Forte where they create objects which … Continue reading

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FORM + Atelier Talk 07

Adele Winteridge of Foolscap Studio In April FORM and the Atelier were very lucky to be joined by friend and inspiring designer Adele Winteridge from Foolscap Studio in Melbourne. Adele talked us through some of her recent projects from a bespoke beer tap for Little Creatures to a pop up bar, pop up market, a tiny cafe to a stunning standing only coffee bar. While there is no doubt Foolscap’s projects always result in something enchanting, the most interesting part of her practice (for me) is more than the outcome. The process, the detail, the thought, the story and the craftspeople sought out and involved make her projects unique and special. Thank you for visiting us Adele! Check out more of Foolscap Studio’s work here Check out more of Foolscap Studio’s work here

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FORM + Atelier Talk 05

Back in May 2012 we enjoyed hearing from two very talented key members of staff. Jon Goulder, the lead designer at Midland Atelier introduced us to the key pieces of design which have influenced him. This ranged from product through furniture to architecture. He took us though his history; starting with many generations in his family of furniture makers and upholsterers, to pro snowboarding, time in China, having a family, moving to Perth, heading the workshop and future directions. Andrew Nicholls similarly took us on a journey through his influences starting with blue and white china, collected in his family. We were shown the world of Spode china when Andrew shared with us some of the incredible things he saw (100 year old presses and pattern books and drawings) and studied during his time he spent at the Spode factory. He then took us through some of his fascinating works explaining some of the references in his incredibly intricate hand drawn works. All left this brown bag somewhat in awe, inspired and just a little bit blown away by what our colleagues have achieved and what they will continue to create.

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FORM + Atelier Talk 04 with Sohrab Hura

We recently enjoyed an extremely moving presentation from an inspiring Indian Photographer, Sohrab Hura. Sohrab was in Perth as part of FotoFreo and Divergence at the Midland Railway Workshops and we have been so lucky to spend some time with him. He spoke to us about his family, his inspirations, and his experiences, his travel and shared with us his incredible work by explaining all of afore mentioned in photograph. In his brief career, Hura has already established himself as one of India’s most talented photographers, having exhibited in Bangladesh, Cambodia, France, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA. Among his many accolades, he has been awarded the Indian Press Award twice, the Ramnath Goenka Award twice, and been selected for the prestigious World Press Photo Joop Masterclass, in 2009. “I’d rather experience a photo/work that tears my heart out from the inside,” Sohrab Hura says, “it is very important to me that photography doesn’t allow the viewer to remain the same after having seen it.”      

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FORM + Atelier Talk 03

Our first talk for the year kicked off with a bang and some zombies! Carolyn our first speaker and much loved member of staff talked public art with us, explaining in detail the Enhance model with direct outcomes currently being fabricated for Port Hedland and Karratha, in collaboration with Roebourne Art Group, Spinifex Hill Artists and Urban Art Projects in Brisbane. She also shared some very exciting urban art projects currently planned for Perth and we talked everything green cactus… We are also currently very lucky to have a resident creative in the office. Teirnan Kelly Director of Film City Glasgow is working with FORM for three months as part of an International Creative Entrepreneur program with Creative Scotland. Tiernan shared with us a taster of his work in Glasgow… everything from Zombie films to Iron Chef kept us glued to his presentation and curious, excited and humble to have him with us for a little bit longer!

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Santa’s Midland helpers

This video surfaced a few hours ago. Luckily for Santa, Midland Atelier was able to help Merry Christmas Everyone  

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Midland Atelier closed Friday 28th October Queen’s Birthday

Awkward Beauty and Building a Steak of Creativity Exhibtions at the Midland Atelier closed Friday 28th October.

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ROA Sneak Peak


A sneak peak at some of ROA’s work…..

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Two Exhibitions: Midland Atelier

Photo by Matt Jelonek, 2011

FORM’s first exhibition at the Midland Atelier kicked off with a successful opening night, attracting over three hundred and fifty people.

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